Change Islands House Interior 1

Change Islands House Interior 1


This is a special print. It's made specifically as a fundraiser for a new project on Change Islands that I am starting to work on with documentary radio producer Chris Brookes. You can read more about the project here. This is the first in a series of small (8x10 paper) prints that are available for $50 each in a limited edition of 10. This is a silver gelatine print made in accordance with archival printing practices on a cotton rag paper with a beautiful texture and eggshell sheen. As an added touch to this special series, the print has been stained with Tetley™ tea. If you have ever visited a home in outport, rural Newfoundland, you have probably accepted a cup of tea and it's very likely that it's been Tetley™. The staining produces gentle green tone and adds something special to the photograph. Staining is also an imprecise technique so each print is a little bit different. Chris refers to these prints as "teapia" prints. I really like these A LOT. 

The house the photograph was made in is the house I stayed in the last time I visited the islands in June 2017. It's one of the few places available for rent and it's under renovations and it still feels like a step back in time. I love the old wallpaper, the armchair by the window, linoleum floors, the rug, the vinyl record hanging on the wall, the bare lightbulb, the laptop plugged into the old house walls, and my daughter's stack of books . She happily set in that armchair reading for most of the rainy weekend we were there.  

If you are interested in visiting Change Islands and staying in the house give Elizabeth a call at (905) 512-8208 and she will make all the necessary arrangements. 

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