This is a silver gelatine, selenium toned 8x8 inches fibre print in an edition of five prints (and two artist proofs). In March 2017 I’ve spent unexpectedly about 10 days in The Hague in The Netherlands While my stay was unexpected (it’s a long story) I did enjoy getting reacquainted with the city. Fourteen years earlier, we lived in the city while I studied at the Institute of Social Studies and seeing how the city changed in those 14 years was in some ways inspiring. I love this photograph because it captures a little bit of happiness you sense on the streets. I am not naive enough to think that everybody in the Hague lives a great life, but you do get the sense that a lot of people do - and not just the Dutch. There is obviously a thriving immigrant community that seems well integrated in the city life. I was there during the election and while people were worried about the rise of the right wing populism, the people I spoke with seemed confident that Dutch pragmatism will prevail. It certainly seemed that the Dutch got a lot of things right and this photo is a tiny slice of that sense of quiet happiness I encountered there.

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