Root Cellar on Change Islands

Root Cellar on Change Islands


This is an 16x16 inch glossy, silver, fibre-based print in a limited edition of 10 prints with two artist proofs. Every print is handmade according to the Canadian Conservation Institute guidelines. The print is packaged in a protective sleeve and a hard box with a stamp on the back of the print with a signature and the series indicated. The price will be listed on the package to ensure adequate insurance. If you are ordering internationally, you may have to pay additional customs fees. 

A note on this print: This is one of my favourite photographs from the Small Islands series. This is a root cellar on Change Islands, Newfoundland, Canada traditionally used for the storage of root vegetables. The curious thing about this photograph is that every time I look at it, I, for some reason, see in it a face of an old man. This print is currently on display and available for purchase at Fishers' Loft or through the website.

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