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You'll never be the best barber in the world...

I have been working with on a project I wanted to do for years and years, but really had no home or platform for it. The Independent's new editor Michelle Porter (full disclosure: we've been married for over 19 years) was more than happy to let me mess around with these slideshows. The idea is not mine, of course. The New York Times and their stellar photographer Todd Heisler pioneered this in 2009 with a feature they called One in 8 million. It was a fabulous piece of good, old-fashioned storytelling that eventually won them an Emmy. As the online world "pivoted to video," I believe was the phrase, we lost sight of the power a set of 15-20 photos and three to four minutes of good audio can have. I hope you enjoy this first Indy Short and over the coming months I will introduce you to more Newfoundlanders and Labradorians. 

Bojan FürstIndy Shorts